Cavity Filled By Dentist Using Different Materials

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A number of materials have been utilized to fill the gaps left by broken or missing teeth. When a tooth goes missing, it needs to be replaced by at least a partial denture. But when a tooth becomes broken due to bacterial infections, the small hole left behind will be plugged with the cavity filling buena park procedure. Over the years, different materials have been used to complete the cavity filling process.

To think that dentists in the past even considered the use of gold as a cavity filling material. But this was always going to be for cosmetic purposes. It was a fashion statement back in the day and surprisingly, some of today’s youngsters still have a fixation with this. Most people, however, have moved on. The more transparent fillings used nowadays not only provide more natural looks, they’re also a lot safer and hygienic.

Most of the cavities that need filling usually occur inside of the oral area and at the back of the teeth. This is quite out of sight, so to what purpose gold and silver then. Usually what happens is this. An extremely lightweight paste or resin is put together and then inserted into the area where the cavity lies. It might look like putty but feels almost like a coarse form of toothpaste. And indeed, it does contain similar cleaning and protective properties.

It only takes a few moments for the putty-like material to congeal. Not much healing time required as the new filling quickly becomes dry as a bone. This is only one brief sketch of the cavity filling process. Because there’s still quite a few materials that the dentist has at his disposal. This is a dentist who is quite up to date with his techniques and technologies.