Brief Intro To Leading Dental Implant Solutions

Leading you towards those implant solutions will be this short introduction. Your best dental implants houston prescription, of course, comes from your accredited and registered dental practitioner, practicing as a qualified dentist or orthodontist. For now though, note that there are two types of implants being utilised. These are clinically defined as endosteal and subperiosteal. In most instances perhaps, the jawbone has to be thoroughly prepared for either one of these options.

In the case of the endosteal, the dental implants will be placed into the jawbone. These are made of titanium. They are shaped like small screws and act as the most commonly used implant. In the case of the subperiosteal, the dental implants have been placed under the gum. They can also be placed on, or above the jawbone. The latter dental implant is used for patients whose natural jawbones are not healthy enough.

They may be in no position to undergo bone augmentation procedures to rebuild the jaw. Or they may prefer not to go this far. If the jawbone is unable to support dental implants, there are techniques that are used to rebuild the bone, as well as restoring the natural jawline and providing a strong foundation for teeth that need to be supported by implants. These include bone augmentations, sinus lifts, ridge expansions and 3D imaging and treatment planning.

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Further than that, there are alternative dental implant techniques. These again, must be influenced by the health of the patient’s jawbone as well as his specific needs as diagnosed. Bone in the jaw needs to be restored or regenerated when it cannot support implants under usual circumstances. These notes may have been brief. But rest assured that extensive info is readily available and easily digested.